About Us

Funding your bicycle habit. Isn’t that why we all have jobs? Isn’t that where our obsession to cycling gets fed? As you obviously know (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!) once you catch the bicycle bug, you can’t get rid of it!

Fabulously, this addiction caught the founder of Shoreditch Bike at a very young age, and he did everything he could to build a business that has grown to the magnificent levels that the company, its employees and customers enjoy today.

Operating With Integrity

With over 20,000 items in stock, expert customer service, and a state-of-the-art 74,000 sq ft facility, Shoreditch Bike prides itself on being the best place for cyclists to buy from, vendors to sell to, and employees to work for. In fact, the ultimate focus at Shoreditch Bike is to create an over-the-top customer experience at every opportunity.

Over time this commitment has helped Shoreditch Bike build enduring and sustainable relationships throughout the industry. This has been accomplished through open dialogue with vendors and customers alike, as Shoreditch Bike employees embrace the importance of both customer advocacy and vendor/brand objectives. Additionally, pride is taken in our policy that all vendors, employees and service providers are paid on time, every time.

Circumstances in the company’s early history drove management to a market-changing revelation – forcing a paradigm shift – targeting a new focus on continued improvement, while fostering a commitment to be the best corporate citizen possible through honest, forthright communication and business practices.

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