Italy’s Davide Rebellin is refusing to give up on his pro cycling career, and holds high hopes of winning races in this current 2017 season.

After a lot of years in a number of top teams, Rebellin signed with Cartuchoes, a new and yet unknown Continental team from Kuwait in the Middle East.

For this 2017 season, his first race would be the Tour du Haut-Var scheduled to hold on February 18 and 19.

Rebellin who spoke last week at the team presentation made it known that age was not a limiter for him, and he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

“I hope I can still win. I’m racing because my heart and legs tell me to keep going. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Above all, this is a sport of resistance. Age is not a limiter if you train correctly,” Rebellin said.

Stefan Schumacher, Rebellin’s former Gerolsteiner teammate was also signed by the Spain based team.
This winter saw Veteran riders like Rebellin and Matteo Tosatto struggling to be get teams sign them on.

In Tinkoff, Alberto Contador had been helped by Tosatto get a team, but this time, refused to ride for anything less than a World Tour team. Unable to get any interested team to sign him on, he retired from the sports.

It was in December that a live feed of Rebellin shaking hands and confirming the new signing with the unknown team appeared on the team’s twitter feed.

Rebellin has also added that he has no one single goal for this season as all he wants to do is to give his best to the team. Rebellin hopes to become an exceptional example of longevity, and show that one can keep going even after 40 years.

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