Alarming Statistics On Cycle Accidents Uncovered By Newcastle

A study by the University of Newcastle has recently revealed in a study that over a week’s time, over three cyclists are admitted after bike accidents to the John Hunter Hospital. Ben Ewald, an epidemiologist, during the process of his research interacted with more than one third of the total 180 cyclists who were injured and admitted to the hospital, over a period of 12 months. His main focus was on Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area.

Doctor Ewald revealed that while most of the accidents happened off the road, nevertheless there is a lot of concern especially in cases where a car was involved.
Talking about the accidents cases he commented that out of all cases, thirteen of them involved some sort of an issue between a vehicle and a bike. He further added that these problems can be certainly improved if some cycle ways are specially built on the roads.

Stating an example of the accidents, Dr. Ewald said that there was one instance in Hunter Street, where a cyclist was riding along Hunter Street, while suddenly a delivery van took off, which was parked by the street. All of a sudden it took a U turn, and knocked off the cyclist and drove all over him. Dr. Ewald added, saying that his research will reveal that Hunter roads require safety measurements, in order to make it better both for bike riders and other vehicle.

His study has revealed that some roads are pretty unsafe for the cyclists, especially the intersection and the roundabouts, which are quite dangerous. Two of the accidents happened at a roundabout and at right turns.
He recommended a set of changes, which if inculcated in road safety rules, can cut down the number of accidents by quite a lot.

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