Armstrong’s former manager quits

The former manager of Lance Armstrong, Johan Bruyneel, departed from the RadioShack-Nissan team as the detailed report against Armstrong had been issued by USADA which also includes his name. The report strengthened the causes of Armstrong’s ban and it has been told that it has got end number of evidences against Armstrong. Armstrong himself has kept quiet for last few days. He also cancelled some of his affairs after the report has been issued.

UCI (The International Cycling Union) stated that it was under consideration whether they would go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport or not. The cycling world still supposes that UCI could go to the CAS against the USADA report of banning Armstrong and stripping of his seven Tour de France titles. UCI has got 21 days for appealing against it.

Pat McQuaid, the President of UCI, told that they have left it to the hands of the lawyers. He asserted that it wouldn’t be possible for him to comment whether they would go to CAS or not as the lawyers haven’t made their statements. But he also told that he wanted this case to be solved as early as possible because it resolving the case would help the sport of cycling to move forward quickly.

But if UCI decides to go against the USADA report then it could have an adverse effect on Armstrong, too. A criminal investigation, which was closed earlier this year, could be reopened by the federal prosecutors. It is supposed by some of the lawyers that Armstrong would find himself in more trouble if UCI chooses to go to CAS. Already there has been a hype that McQuaid should step down from his position as he constantly denied to take any responsibility for the doping culture in cycling. In this scenario, it won’t be surprising if UCI chooses to agree to the decision made by USADA.

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