Abergavenny Road Club Excels At The Welsh Cycling Awards 2014

Abergavenny Road Club has obviously established the fact that it is one of the most excellent cycling clubs located in Wales by winning three awards at the USN Welsh Cycling Awards 2014 which were held in Cardiff on the 18th of October, 2014 (Saturday).
Bill Owen was awarded with the Event Organizer of the year 2014 for the tremendous effort he had taken to organize the British National Road and Time Trial Championships in which several Olympic and World champions had participated this year. The award was accepted on behalf of Bill Owen by his wife- Brenda Owen.
Brenda Owen said that she is absolutely please to collect the award because she is aware of the fact that a lot of hard work goes into organizing such championships and the 2014 championships according to her were exceptional.
Abergavenny Road Club received the Club of the Year 2014 award and this is the second time that the club has won this award at the Welsh Cycling Awards. Ever since the club had received this same award in the year 2013, it worked even much harder this year.
Owen Davies (Chairman of the club) claimed that the year 2014 has been the best year for the club because it has been growing tremendously both in terms of membership and strength. Cyclists participating at the Commonwealth Games on behalf of Wales and World Champions have become members of the Abergavenny Road Club.
Davies also said that it is really remarkable to see that so many people in Wales enjoy cycling. The club was really chuffed and thrilled to win the award again this year.
Club Cyclist of the year 2014 was given to Graham Edwards (a member of the Abergavenny Road Club) who felt very honored and privileged after receiving the award. Edwards has always made efforts to encourage cycling among youngsters.

Trott Admits Hard Battle Ahead For National Titles

Leading Brit female cycling star Trott (Laura) has admitted that great fight awaits for her as she prepares to defend her titles this year at National Track Championships.

The esteemed event will have Brit cycling elites vying from September 24th -28th at Manchester based National Cycling Center.

In regards to women endurance challenges, Trott would be joined by other Olympic champs such as Dani King & Joanna Rowsell. World champs such as Katie Archibald and Elinor Barker are the other 2 prime members of the 5-member team pursuit squad. The good bit is that, in spite of the acknowledgement of the tough battle ahead, like a true champ, Trott is focused to give it her best shot.
“I love to compete at nationals given the incredible ambience at Manchester velodrome. The home-crowd cheers for you constantly that act as great spirit and performance booster”, stated Laura.
“I just cannot wait to come up on boards for defending my titles- the competition surely would be hard though & I would be simply up against the cyclists who are generally my teammates- thus it is interesting to find out who actually gets to the top. With such huge numbers of young cyclists making breakthrough at the competition, I would have to be alert on next genre as well. It feels amazing to come up on podium top as a national champ & so I’m hoping to secure the same status up this year as well.”
Dual Commonwealth bronze winner & Olympian Jess Varnish would be sprinting in women sprint events at National Track Championships this year. She would be defending 4 titles that she emphatically won in the year 2013, beating junior world champ Dannielle Khan & Victoria Williamson.
Trott has recently shifted from Wiggle Honda to Matrix Fitness.

Cycling world grieving Williams’ death

The tragic news of famous actor-comedian Robin Williams’ demise has not only left the movie zone teary-eyed but the cycling world too has expressed great grief in his untimely death- and why not, after all, Mrs. Doubtfire was one among the funniest & most ardent ambassadors of the riding sport.
The 63-year-old movie star became the unofficial ambassador of cycling during the boom days of the sport in the 2000s. The famous comedian brought legit star quotient to cycling & assisted the sport to foray into American mainstream.
The Oscar-achiever didn’t attend Tour France just to promote his films or to cheer up his buddy Lance but especially because he truly believed in the game.
“I do love bike racing”, the actor had said once during his trips to one of the Tour France events. “It is like NASCAR & downhill ski-racing yet the contestants have put on little more to pajamas. I love bike ad it is like a meditation to me. I feel that I’m a bike-sexual.”
As soon as the tragic news broke out, different social media sites started getting abuzz with condolence messages from the cycling world.
“Such tragic news about Williams”, tweeted famous Brit rider Mark Cavendish. “It was the similar continuous giggles when he was around just as it was with his movies. Lovely man & iconic actor.”
“His ardent love for cycling & passion was completely unbridled”, said the Facebook post from Michael Aisner, the erstwhile Coors Classic racing promoter. “60 bikes, stress on directors to allow him to ride during shoot intervals & eve harrowing stories of dumping bike & sliding under bus to bypass crashing were all great signs of his passionate dedication towards riding & the sport.”
Lance Armstrong and his charity foundation Livestrong too expressed great grief on the sudden demise of the actor.

Officials of Lincolnshire Plans To Learn From The Stages Of Tour De France

The officials of cycling are gearing up for learning cycling in Yorkshire. The county of White Rose is all set to welcome a host of visitors along with the cyclists for a grand cycling race.

Over the border Yellowbellies are also getting ready as in all probability Britain is going to hold the cycling championship the next year. But the first week is crucial as the administrators will keenly notice the details for next year. Many are going to travel with the entire tour of France. Many old citizens are also going to travel as they have been doing so in every Tour de France giving them an opportunity to visit places as well as be able to support the cyclists. But what is important is to cater throngs of crowd and providing them with all the supplies. Hospitality facilities to basic requirement everything has to be taken care of the organization. Lincoln is trying his level best to give a congenial place to the cyclists.

One of the riders also a photographer Phil Crow is getting ready for a full field day. 100 miles a week at least is covered by him as cycling. Over the years he has been travelling with his cycle. Now it seems that all the travelling is a part of his life. With cycling in the terrain of hills in Yorkshire the event of cycling has been raised to a higher degree in Britain. He is among one of the makers of the tour acting as a volunteer and is more than happy to be part of the event. He is volunteering a host of things. The package of sponsorship has also been arranged by the organisers of Yorkshire Festival of Cycling Tour.

Alarming Statistics On Cycle Accidents Uncovered By Newcastle

A study by the University of Newcastle has recently revealed in a study that over a week’s time, over three cyclists are admitted after bike accidents to the John Hunter Hospital. Ben Ewald, an epidemiologist, during the process of his research interacted with more than one third of the total 180 cyclists who were injured and admitted to the hospital, over a period of 12 months. His main focus was on Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area.

Doctor Ewald revealed that while most of the accidents happened off the road, nevertheless there is a lot of concern especially in cases where a car was involved.
Talking about the accidents cases he commented that out of all cases, thirteen of them involved some sort of an issue between a vehicle and a bike. He further added that these problems can be certainly improved if some cycle ways are specially built on the roads.

Stating an example of the accidents, Dr. Ewald said that there was one instance in Hunter Street, where a cyclist was riding along Hunter Street, while suddenly a delivery van took off, which was parked by the street. All of a sudden it took a U turn, and knocked off the cyclist and drove all over him. Dr. Ewald added, saying that his research will reveal that Hunter roads require safety measurements, in order to make it better both for bike riders and other vehicle.

His study has revealed that some roads are pretty unsafe for the cyclists, especially the intersection and the roundabouts, which are quite dangerous. Two of the accidents happened at a roundabout and at right turns.
He recommended a set of changes, which if inculcated in road safety rules, can cut down the number of accidents by quite a lot.