Cycling world grieving Williams’ death

The tragic news of famous actor-comedian Robin Williams’ demise has not only left the movie zone teary-eyed but the cycling world too has expressed great grief in his untimely death- and why not, after all, Mrs. Doubtfire was one among the funniest & most ardent ambassadors of the riding sport.
The 63-year-old movie star became the unofficial ambassador of cycling during the boom days of the sport in the 2000s. The famous comedian brought legit star quotient to cycling & assisted the sport to foray into American mainstream.
The Oscar-achiever didn’t attend Tour France just to promote his films or to cheer up his buddy Lance but especially because he truly believed in the game.
“I do love bike racing”, the actor had said once during his trips to one of the Tour France events. “It is like NASCAR & downhill ski-racing yet the contestants have put on little more to pajamas. I love bike ad it is like a meditation to me. I feel that I’m a bike-sexual.”
As soon as the tragic news broke out, different social media sites started getting abuzz with condolence messages from the cycling world.
“Such tragic news about Williams”, tweeted famous Brit rider Mark Cavendish. “It was the similar continuous giggles when he was around just as it was with his movies. Lovely man & iconic actor.”
“His ardent love for cycling & passion was completely unbridled”, said the Facebook post from Michael Aisner, the erstwhile Coors Classic racing promoter. “60 bikes, stress on directors to allow him to ride during shoot intervals & eve harrowing stories of dumping bike & sliding under bus to bypass crashing were all great signs of his passionate dedication towards riding & the sport.”
Lance Armstrong and his charity foundation Livestrong too expressed great grief on the sudden demise of the actor.

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