Elinor Barker Emerges as the Latest Cycling Track Star

Teen British cyclist Elinor Barker has shot to national setting at just eighteen years of age yet she seemed to be confident on being a strong aide to King & Trott at the World Championships. Elinor is one among the 7 English riders who would be making their debut in World Cycling Track Championship which is about to start at Minsk this week.

There won’t be any Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Gertaint Thomas, Pete Kennaugh or Joanna Rowsell- all of whom stood on the podium-top in London Velodrome, past summer. Instead, the Minsk World Championship would witness a bunch of fresh talents from GB like Dani King, Ed Clancy, Jason Kenny, Laura Trott and Elinor Barker to represent Britain effectively in medal table in the Minsk Championship.

“I have really got a great team of athletes this time, who are albeit not yet up to the mark of Wiggins, Pete or Geraint, but would soon reach up to that level & surpass that”, remarked Chris Newton, the famous Olympic medalist.

Barker’s coach, the former Olympic medalist, Manning, seemed to be in a high praise mode for the rising teen cyclist. He described her as a high achiever and revealed that she is always enthusiastic to train & learn more.

She is often found in the training ground even post training sessions. According to his statement, Barker is always the last one to finish training and constantly pestering the coaches for evaluating her riding status and improvements and providing further information. Rowsell’s decision on road focus for the coming 2 years has opened up opportunities for Barker which she has taken up with all alacrity.

Barker’s teammates, both King & Trott, are also immensely positive about the new GB talent. “She has got a fantastic future ahead & is a highly strong rider”, stressed King while speaking about Barker.

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