Eminent cycle routes in Melbourne

The trackers of exercise have the button of start which helps in recording their progress of cycling when they run about up and down in the streets.

Various routes have gained popularity due to an app called the Strava which is good for both running and cycling. The footprint of exercising is not complete and the account of Strava is recorded.

The information which is provided shows the pattern of exercise and the gaps of the cyclists. For a safe way to go around the route of cycling is provided by Professor Billie Giles-Corti who is in the Centre for Community Wellbeing. The path to take cycling towards is aimed at encouraging the cyclists by which the culture will change in the social structure. The social norm needs to change. Weather also plays a part where the cyclists are influenced cycle in a congenial environment.

The events bring about a change in the behaviour of the cyclist. Robert Doyle feels that recreational cycling brings about young women on the road wearing normal clothes and using the path of cycling. There have always existed roads meant for cars but cycling is taking shape.

The river which is South of Melbourne gets attracted to the gadgets and that is why the connectivity of the roads meant for biking is great. The networks of cycling are designed in such a way that it is convenient. The impacts of environment as well as economy will suffer if the roads are not connected accordingly for cycling.

To make a city healthy, the planners have to develop a mix where both the cyclist as well as the city prospers in a healthy environment. To minimise congestion on roads the cyclists and the bikers take a side road but GPS programmes of exercises are not used by the cyclists who commute regularly.

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