Hoy wants Cycling to move on

British Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy has admitted that he feels depressed when people call Lance Armstrong a serial dope cheat but has admitted that it is better for the sport if it moved on from what has happened.

Following the revelations by the US Anti Doping Agency’s report regarding the doping culture prevalent in the US Postal Service team, Hoy has stated that he did have his doubts regarding the integrity and honesty of the Texan as an athlete as he embarked on a historic run of seven successive triumphs at the famous Tour de France.

Hoy mentions that he finds all these things depressing because the books that Armstrong wrote inspire people who are fighting cancer and his cancer charities are doing really well all over the world. And after that, something like this comes up and no one knows exactly how to react. Hoy also mentions that most people have been shocked by the large scale of the scandal; to see so many people involved in doping has taken the wind out of the fans of the sport.

And Sir Chris Hoy admits that the best thing to do now is to move on. He mentions that this thing happened years back and since then, the sport has undergone huge changes and there far more happier things that are happening in the sport now that should be given their due importance. He also has his hopes that British Cycling can also move on from this scandal as soon as possible.

Hoy did mention that one has to take Armstrong’s case at face value since nothing has been proved yet and unless it is proven, one has to assume that he is innocent. He stated that being involved in the sport as an athlete and a fan, the feeling is depressing.

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