Lotto Soudal will be starting up next season on a good note, following the extension of partnership with Sanas.

Sanas had been a sponsor of the team since 2015, supplying them with food supplements. However, as from the 2017 season, they will supply the team with more produces such as gels, bars and isotonic drinks. Soudal would also respond to the gesture by providing a spot on the shirt of their U23 and Ladies team for Sanas logo.

Following the extension of partnership, Arne Heyse – sales and marketing department of Sanas – revealed that they had chosen to partner with Soudal two years ago, mainly because it is a renowned Belgian team that performs on the highest level of cycling. Heyse stated that Sanas prefers to focus on sport activities that require a lot of endurance, and that cycling is one of those sports.

“We do the production of Sanas ourselves, in Belgium, and we are proud of it. For that reason, we want to work with Belgian sportsmen and women or teams,” he said.

Heyse pointed out that the products they sell are the products the riders use, noting that people get assured of the quality of their product when they see a World Tour team using it. This seems to be an effective marketing strategy for Sanas. And so far, Soudal riders are very pleased to be using the products.

“When we became a partner in 2015, we supplied the team with food supplements. As of 2017, we have an agreement for a wider range of products.

“The riders will also be able to choose between a normal recovery shake and a recovery shake without carbs, which is unique for endurance sports,” Heyse said.

The partnership has been beneficial to both parties, as Sanas are working together with the team riders to develop new products.

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