Make Cycling A Part Of National Curriculum

There are 700,000 members in British Cycling and the officials are urging all the members to appeal to the government to make cycling a national curriculum.

They said that they want to make cycling a part of people’s lives and they also added that children should all learn and adapt to the skill of cycling. According to reports, currently, after British cycling and CTC started the 2009 Bikeability project in schools but till today even half the children don’t have access to cycles and many schools do not provide Bikeability to the kids.

The Bikeability project was to bring out children on the streets with the skill of cycling for leisure, skill management and also for further training on a professional level. The Bikeability project also holds cycle proficiency tests for students who like to take this skill forward. British Cycling has said that they want the Bikeability project to be taken seriously for an overall mental and physical development of people from a young age.

The cycling associations in Britain including British Cycling have said that this situation should change. They are also taking up an initiative to inspire people to cycle for leisure, for going for one place to another and cycle for staying fit, enjoying oneself and also for promoting the sport more within the public.

They are starting a consultation with other agencies and government officials and the public as well and the consultancy stops on April 16, 2013. British Cycling is urging everyone to take part in this consultancy. Director for Policy and Legal Affairs from British Cycling, Martin Gibbs stressed that cycling is a life skill which is a good habit, healthy form of exercise and like swimming, this skill stays with a person for life.

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