Mayor Pledges Active Participation

Boris Johnson is hell bent on actively pursuing “Cycling Revolution” in London with the assurance of making the city welcoming to bikers akin to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The city Mayor has pledged to make as many as 33 of London’s endangering routes safer for the riders.

Mr. Johnson was at City Hall recently where he showed updated figures regarding a high profile police traffic project that was launched following 6 cyclist deaths within less than couple of weeks. As per the sources, the new police traffic project has stopped over 2,000 motorists & cyclists in the last 15 days for infractions like jumping red signals.

Speaking at the conference regarding depletion of abnormal figure of biker deaths related to lorry clashes, the London Mayor stressed on a new program by London Transport which is geared to make thirty-three of the capital’s most dangerous routes safer for the bikers.

“There’s now a rising scream asserting that the biking revolution is getting too fast & that we must somehow get every cyclist off road & people are taking me in some accusing way. The analysis has hugely exaggerated my messianic capacities. I’m a very passionate cyclist myself but I’m not some Pied Pedaller”, noted the London Mayor. “People take to bikes since they love biking.”

Johnson has admitted the imperfection of the current London road & traffic system, further acknowledging the need for a safer system. He has promised to revamp the current system with the help of segregated lines.

“We would be expanding & improving superhighways, where possible & where it deems sensible. We would segregate these routes just the way we’ve done in case of Stratford. The London cycling revolution is meant to continue & accelerate. It isn’t the right time to give up or slacken off – if we can get it all right, the reward is going to be huge. Our city should be the ideal one for the riders.”

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