Officials of Lincolnshire Plans To Learn From The Stages Of Tour De France

The officials of cycling are gearing up for learning cycling in Yorkshire. The county of White Rose is all set to welcome a host of visitors along with the cyclists for a grand cycling race.

Over the border Yellowbellies are also getting ready as in all probability Britain is going to hold the cycling championship the next year. But the first week is crucial as the administrators will keenly notice the details for next year. Many are going to travel with the entire tour of France. Many old citizens are also going to travel as they have been doing so in every Tour de France giving them an opportunity to visit places as well as be able to support the cyclists. But what is important is to cater throngs of crowd and providing them with all the supplies. Hospitality facilities to basic requirement everything has to be taken care of the organization. Lincoln is trying his level best to give a congenial place to the cyclists.

One of the riders also a photographer Phil Crow is getting ready for a full field day. 100 miles a week at least is covered by him as cycling. Over the years he has been travelling with his cycle. Now it seems that all the travelling is a part of his life. With cycling in the terrain of hills in Yorkshire the event of cycling has been raised to a higher degree in Britain. He is among one of the makers of the tour acting as a volunteer and is more than happy to be part of the event. He is volunteering a host of things. The package of sponsorship has also been arranged by the organisers of Yorkshire Festival of Cycling Tour.

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