UK Tour de France riders’ among those ‘doped’ by a London doctor, reports

British pro cyclists at the top level are among hundred and fifty sports stars that a doctor from London has claimed that he has served take banished performance-enhancing drugs.

A Sunday Times probe, published on 3rd April, Sunday, showed that Dr Mark Bonar said to have prescribed prohibited substances to un-named ‘British Tour de France cyclists’ and tennis players, a boxing champion, premiership footballers as well as a cricketer. He stated that his clients come from Britain as well as other parts of the world.

Mark was shot claiming to a Sunday Times undercover journalist, who positioned himself as an ‘aspiring Olympic runner’, to whom Dr Mark later prescribed a course of EPO. Dr Mark works in Omniya Clinic in Knightsbridge specializing in anti-aging treatment.

Dr Mark told the reported that some of these treatments he uses are banned on the pro circuit. Therefore, he has to be mindful of that. He also added that he has worked with lots of professional athletes who do use these treatments.

The Sunday Times was not been able to confirm that any of the sportspeople Bonar stated he dealt had any involvement with him. The paper added that those contacted by the Sunday Times either refused being handled by him or denied to say anything regarding this.

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