USA Cycling Lets Go Of USA Cup

After a long debate, USA Cup has finally got the decision of not making their events a part of the USA Cycling. USA Cup always is in charge of most national and regional level cycling races. Earlier, USA Cup had conducted the Pro UET and the Pro XCT under the USA Cycling Association. These fall under the endurance calendar and cross country (national level) categories, respectively.

Steve Johnson, the President and CEO of USA Cycling, recently told the press that they are surely disappointed to lose out on certain events but at the same time, they will concentrate on their own events, Pro UET and the Pro XCT, more aggressively now.

They all have other stakeholders to consider now, quoted Johnson. USA Cycling officials had a meeting with their mountain bike committee as well. They announced that their calendar would feature some new changes. They will not only represent the venues for the upcoming races but it will also be portrayed in such a way that will inspire upcoming and new riders. All this drama started with the petition to change the highly debated UCI Rule number 1.2.019. After a long struggle and questioning, it will finally be presented in an edited and revised form from 1st January 2014. This rule will not allow any professional cyclist to take part in any competitive, registered races, which are not under the UCI or USAC.

The main reason why USA Cup pulled out of USA Cycling is because they have been in collaboration with USAC for two sessions now and there had been a lot of problems with the costs and payments. When the USA Cycling officials

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