Vinokourov Active With Astana Team

Vinokourov might be out of the active racing circuits, but he is still active behind the scenes.

Indeed, even when he was competing and being part of the Olympic and other titanic races, he was not someone who liked to be part of press conferences and interviews. Today he heads team Astana, which is considered one of the best and successful teams in the spirit world of professional cycling. He has always been a man of few words and finds solace in the sport that he is passionate about. He cares very little for what others think of him and what he should do to endear to his fans.

However, he does speak up on occasions when it is required, such as when Nibali was being trained and geared up for his participating in the Giro d’Italia. For him to talk about someone in public showcases that he had faith in this person. When he was asked how he knew that Nibali should target Giro, Vinokourov stated that Vincenzo is keen to win at this event and it would help him find new motivation to train.

Vinokourov has definitely helped Astana reach the levels it has. Being a former gold medalist in Olympics 2012, Alexander has been much involved in the pro team workings of Astana. Being in the general manager role, he states that choosing the right riders for the team is crucial. He has also encouraged Alexey whom he believes to be a good rider as well as a team man. He has also sided by Daniil, who has extended his contract with the team for another year. Being part of the team from 2014, it is indeed an advantage to have him in the team and Vinokourov sees it that way as well. He keeps an eye on the team and how they are always working.

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